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Jaylah sticking her A-Frame contact in her Novice debut

Current News

Jaylah earned her Scent Work Container Excellent (SCE) and Exterior Advanced (SEA) titles plus legs in Master Interior and Advanced Handler Discrimination at the November Cudahy trial. We cannot wait until spring brings more Scent Work trials back to WI! Jaylah also recently earned her Open FAST (OF) title at the November Timber Ridge Agility trial. We hope to breed Jaylah Spring 2020.

Data top entle

What's New

Data earned his Companion Dog Excellent (CDX) title at the Timber Ridge Obedience Club of Central Wisconsin trial on February 3, 2019 under judge Richard Wood. We are so proud of Data finishing up his CDX with a 3rd place as a bonus. His open obedience title also earned him the AKC's Versatile Companion Dog 2 (VCD2) for meeting all the next level requirements in agility, tracking and obedience! Data is the first & only Entlebucher with this distinction. Data really is an amazing dog!

Kai racing thru tunnel

Recent Events

Team Kai placed 8th overall in the nation at the AKC Agility Invitationals in Orlando FL on December 16, 2018. Way to go Patrick & Birdie! They put together 5 clean, fast rounds (including their T2B warm-up) to accomplish being 8 out of 139 of the top agility dogs in the 16" height division! We are so proud!

Kai also has a cameo, pictured on page 120 of the new book: Entlebucher Mountain Dogs - What I Wish I Knew by Linda Liebrand. We are honored to have a photo we took of Kai shown in this important, accurate book. Highly recommend as a Must Read!

Welcome Risa!

Lal now Risa We planned to keep a puppy from our highly anticipated "A litter". From the moment we met the Next Generation (by emergency c-section), there was something extra special for us, about her. We knew in our hearts she would be staying, which no doubt influenced her paracord collar color and temporary theme name.

As the puppies developed, we performed health screening and temperament testing. We were hopeful of the results, but Lal had already shown us she was a MacKay! Our biggest challenge was choosing her permanent Star Trek name as part of our crew. Watch for Risa's webpage in the future.

* Risa at 6 weeks old Photo: Rob Duberstein

Gone to the Dogs

Our current family consists of 2 footers (Patrick and Joyce) and 4 footers (the furry Entlebuchers kids). We chose not to have human children instead, welcoming furry canine kids and foster pups into our lives. You could say our lives have gone to the dogs ~ and we couldn’t be happier!

We love Entlebuchers also known as Entlebuch Cattle Dogs, Entlebucher Mountain Dogs and Entlebucher Sennenhunds. But they are not the right dog breed for everyone. Entlebuchers are full of zest for life and energy- a 24/7 party ready to happen. That can be a blessing or a curse depending on your activity level and lifestyle. We strongly encourage anyone looking to add a furry family member to take the time for thorough research; ask many questions and find local networking resources. We support both; quality breeders and responsible rescues. We have had great dogs from both sources!

Thank you for visiting! Please favorite our site and visit often. We try to make frequent changes and updates to stay relevant and current, sometimes life does get in the way... We have decided to list our "last updated" date so you will always know. Feel free to contact us with any comments or feedback.

Last Updated: November 14, 2019

Excel-Entlebuchers Kennel

Excellence is a quality that surpasses ordinary standards. We personally strive for excellence in everything we do! We've been passionate about dog sports and the sport of dogs for over two decades, so it made sense that our experience would evolve into a desire to further help and contribute to the preservation of this breed we are passionate about. We are dedicated to ongoing knowledge, education, and quality decisions as Entlebucher Mountain Dog breeders.

Our male Data, has all his breeding health clearances and his CHIC#. Data has received high praise from AKC and FCI Conformation judges, CEBA Conformation and Temperament judges, as well as a cross section of breed experts plus he is proven in a number of performance sport venues. Data is the only Entlebucher to date achieve dual Championships, being a conformation Grand Champion plus a Master Agility 3 Champion. Data is also the only Entlebucher to achieve AKC's prestigious Versatile Compaion Dog (1 & 2) designation. As an Entlebucher stud, Data has sired 6 litters with 32 offspring and has passed on many of the traits that are his best qualities. At just 2-1/2 yrs old Data had already earned 15 working titles plus his conformation Championship which inspired our Kennel name: Excel-Entlebuchers!

Due to the small gene pool in the U.S., we had been patiently networking with trusted European breeders for a few years. Our hope had been to import the right female to compliment our family with the possibility of breeding quality potential for the future. Our search focused on pairings that showed diversity, healthy pedigree lines, lower COI (coefficient of inbreeding), and the character traits we admire most in the breed. As a bonus, we also hoped to find a pup that would meet our high standards for proven performance attributes and athleticism. Patrick and I have a definite "type" we prefer personally, yet we can appreciate the beauty of most all Entle types. Our diligent work and patience was rewarded with the perfect family addition in Jaylah. She is our foundation female, has passed all her breeding health clearances and has her CHIC#. Jaylah has also received high praise from conformation judges and quickly earned her Championship. While females end up taking more time off being in heat, JJ has aquired an impressive number of titles for her young age.

At Excel-Entlebuchers Kennel we combine our dedication to excellence with our love and commitment for this beloved Swiss Mountain Dog! We believe in the 'TOTAL' Entlebucher! We breed for robust health, solid-stable temperament, sound moderate structure, type and beauty with talent in working ability! Our Entlebucher protégé are capable of excelling in any area! An Entlebucher bred in connection with us will be truly versatile and able to do it all! This is not just talk or lip service, we are out in the real world do-ing and proving our dog's abilities by testing their skills and aptitudes. We strongly believe in preserving and protecting the working functionality of the Entlebucher Mountain Dog. It is a dynamic process of balance encouraged within the breed standard. We do not support breeding extreme traits, spooky/fearful temperaments or exaggerated qualities.

Current Active Members

Timber Ridge Dog Training Club of Central Wisconsin

NEMDA - National Entlebucher Mountain Dog Association

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