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These are my observations, opinions and personal experience... "your mileage" may vary depending on your own experience, frame of reference or other factors. When I researched the Entle breed I was eager to find fun, unique, real breed info. We've known many plus have helped dozens through Entle rescue and my time being the NEMDA Training Chair.


The 2 most important, critical skills for any Entlebucher: Socializing and Impulse Control.
•   Socialization: I believe Entlebuchers need to meet as many different types of people and other dogs/animals as possible to distinguish differences, understand their environment and become well adjusted.
•   Impulse Control: A common misconception with all dogs, is that they will somehow magically mature and grow into this skill.
Not true. Just as with kids, self control is a valuable skill that needs to be taught and nurtured. Here are two links of effective information on the subject of control: Guidelines for Teaching Self Control by Suzanne Clothier and Connection and Control.

Bayla stealing treat off counterThe 2 traits most people are surprised by when they meet our Entles:
•  Their strength in proportion to their size
•  Their intelligence; how manipulative they can be

Best Entle advice we ever received: "Be patient and let your Entlebucher think through their own problems and challenges. You can't rush them- they need to figure it out on their own."

Observation: Never under estimate the power of mental exercise/stimulation for an Entlebucher! If life gets in the way and I just don't have the time to insure they get their optimal physical exercise, I can "buy" myself another day or possibly two with additional mind games : hide and seek or scent games, puzzle toys (ie; Egg Babies, Loopies Bag O' Balls, IQube, Hide-A-Bird...), chewing and food toys (ie; Everlasting Treat Ball, Kong stuffables, Buster Cube, frozen marrow bones...) and interactive toys (ie; Kyjen, Nina Ottosson and others...).

Dork Dogs

Among Entle owners, it's fairly common to hear the term "dork dog." An Entle's ears are triangular in shape and rounded at the tips, set high and wide, and thicker- the standard cites "firm, well developed ear-cartilage". These features make it easy for the ear/s to naturally stay in place once they flip inside out. It's quite unique... funny, charming and always makes us smile! I'd bet that 98% of all Entle owners have at least one off-the-charts, adorable photo of their Entle sportin' a single dork or the more superior... double dork!

Single Dork =  One ear flipped inside out.  •  Degree of Difficulty: 6.25   •  Degree of Cuteness: 7 (if head is also cocked; 8)
Double Dork = Both ears flipped inside out, at the same time.  •  Degree of Difficulty: 8.5   •  Degree of Cuteness: 10+
*If the head is also cocked with a double dork; no one can resist the cuteness! This "Entle patented move" results in uncontrollable human gushing, smiling, laughing and reaching for treats to give the Entle. Warning: this move can be used by Entles to get out of trouble.

    Examples of the Double Dork

Entle Kai with both ears flipped inside out Entle Data with both ears flipped inside out Jaylah ears flipped inside out Entle Bayla with both ears flipped inside out

Intelligence and Training

Entlebuchers can be intense, "Type A" personalities by nature. They really want and need to work. Luckily they are eager, very trainable students. You just have to be careful and conscious of what you are teaching them- it may not be the lessons you think. Entles are so smart and alert; they'll pick up even the most subtle body language or patterns and nervous habits in addition to your spoken commands. Many of us find that the females tend to be more alert, intense and busy. Especially younger females can over-think and react quicker to stimuli or commands. Overall the boys are more laid back and content.

If you stay positive, make it fun and offer frequent rewards, you can train an Entle to do almost anything! Most Entles love food and toys, making reinforcement easier. I use a hierarchy variety of food treats to reward behaviors that require focus and control. I use toys, balls or tug for behaviors that require drive and attitude. I let the difficulty of the behavior dictate the reward. I try to listen to my dog; they will tell you where the value is for them and what is rewarding to them. I use clicker, positive reinforcement and a lot of play/games in training. I follow most of the training methodology of Susan Garrett. Whether your goals is a wonderful companion pet or a competitive dog sports athlete, I highly recommend her online classes, seminars, articles, books and videos. Susan is one of my dog training idols and a great instructor.   Susan's website;    Susan's blog

Please take a moment to read and reflect on the following insightful blog articles by Susan Garrett:
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